Lingayen Beach

My name is Joan Narciso, born and raised in the beautiful Philippines. I am heavily-dependent on coffee, and despite a not-so easy life, I have come to delight myself in Jesus Christ day in, day out.

I turned 31 a few weeks ago, still and will always be single. Contrary to social expectations, I find myself most comfortable alone.

I have a degree in International Relations major in Diplomacy, and for many years dreamed of joining our country’s Foreign Service. As of this writing though, that dream is parked for an indefinite time.

My daydreams jump back and forth leaving city life and settling in an island in Palawan to becoming a published author whose book gets adapted for film or TV by tvN Asia.

I read a lot–fiction and non-fiction. I do not have a favorite music genre but I have a lot of favorite song lyrics and musical artists. Most people who know me from 10 years ago find it hard to believe that I have turned into an ultimate fangirl, but maybe they just didn’t get the chance to see this side of me.

I have had an on-off relationship with blogging/writing for as long as 2005 and have lost count of the many times I’ve archived whole blog sites to start anew.

What to Expect from This Site?

This site could be many things but mostly, it’s my online portfolio and keepsake rolled into one site. I’ve grown less and less fond of social networking sites but I still wish to have a quiet space in the interwebs where I can post freely. Currently, there are quite a few categories that keep this site organized.


This is where I intend to share pieces of my wandering and wondering moments with God. As a Christian, I don’t have life figured out. But the questions have led my heart to a constant state of wonder and awe before His Grace.

Photo Journal

I left Instagram and everything FB-related so all the photos I’ve kept these past years should have a room here. Also, it makes for quick updates on days I can’t seem to hit the ‘publish’ button for written musings.

Fangirl Diaries

An extension of my fangirl feels courtesy of my favorite authors, TV shows, and artists.

Shades of Poetry and Open Letters

I have a collection of random musings, open letters, poetry and short stories that I am hesitant to show the world. But little by little, I just might.


I’ve been to eight Asian cities, and 26 provinces in the Philippines. I dream of visiting every nook of my beautiful country and also see more of the world. I also hope to share more of my favorite memories, my (mis)adventures, tips [mostly for solo female travelers], and life lessons from past and future travels.