Who Am I?

Joan Narciso-About Me-Kaleidosope Wonders


My name is Joan Narciso, born and raised in the beautiful Philippines. I am heavily-dependent on coffee, and despite a not-so easy life, I have come to delight myself in Jesus Christ day in, day out.

I recently turned 30 years old, single, and I have no foreseeable plan of being with anyone right now. Contrary to social expectations, I find myself most comfortable alone.

I have a degree in International Relations major in Diplomacy, and for many years dreamed of joining our country’s Foreign Service. As of this writing though, that dream is parked for an indefinite time.

I read a lot–fiction, history, life (which is broad!). I do not have a favorite music genre but I have a lot of favorite song lyrics and musical artists. I love watching action-packed, based on real life movies. After college, I got into binge-watching American TV series. Recently, I got back to watching K-Drama and am hooked. It’s safe to say that I am turning into a fan girl. My ultimate celebrity crush is Park Hyung Sik, and I wish I could peg Lee Sung Kyung’s swag (but I can’t).

I have had an on-off relationship with blogging/writing for as long as 2005. That changes now. Three decades, and I have learned that life is painstakingly beautiful. It blooms when shared. People always tell me to write more and I know my heart beats happy when I do. Hence, this blog.

What to Expect from This Site?

Joan Narciso-About Me-Kaleidosope Wonders


I have categorized my current and future posts into four (see below). I hope to share my kaleidoscope perspectives through these four themes.

Broom Tree Diaries

This is where I intend to share pieces of my wandering and wondering moments with God. As a Christian, I don’t have life figured out. But the questions have led my heart to a constant state of wonder and awe before His Grace.

Fangirl Diaries

An extension of my fangirl feels courtesy of my favorite authors, TV shows, and artists.

(Ka-)Artsy-(Han) Tank

I have a collection of random musings, open letters, poetry and short stories that I am hesitant to show the world. But little by little, I just might.

Think Tank

Making use of internet freedom to speak up about things of value. Let’s fight misinformation with truth, let’s not be mere reactors in the interwebz but be people of real action for peace, truth, and love.

Travel Journal

I’ve been to eight Asian cities, and nearly 20 provinces in the Philippines. I dream of visiting every nook of my beautiful country and also see more of the world. I also hope to share more of my favorite memories, my (mis)adventures, tips [mostly for solo female travelers], and life lessons from past and future travels.



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