When I look at You, I see this holy, perfect, wonderful, all the good superlative adjectives fit for You—the God of the known and unknown universe.

Then there’s me. This grumpy, sloppy, weird person packed into 31-year old body of messes and troubles and good intentions but not quite good results.

I don’t see how You chose me but I just can’t push you away, never.

God, with all my heart, thanks for staying all these years.

Posted by:Joan Narciso

Joan is a walking set of ironies, only she rarely walks outside her bedroom/office these days. She gets terrible headaches when she skips coffee in the morning, has no Facebook app on her phone, and does not know how people stand small talk. She has always thought she was set on her dreams but midlife discovered that dreams change and that's okay. But while her dreams evolve, the whys behind don't. Jesus Christ, the Philippines and her family are her life's greatest loves and strength, today and always.

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