When the ocean’s been parted for you, you have three options:

One is to step into it and walk your way to freedom.
Or to freeze in front of it and wait for the enemy to come and get you.
Or run away from it and meet the enemy, wanting to either kill or enslave you once more.

Options two and three aren’t a much of a promise but how is it that they equal option one’s weight when it’s time to make a decision?

Unknown territory. No one is sure if the ocean walls would suddenly crumble. Or what’s waiting at the far end of the sea. Sure, we know it’s a desert and some mountains before the promise land. But what about food and shelter and the comfort brought by familiar surroundings?

But come to think of it, doubt-filled heart:

Beyond the ocean is freedom from your life of slavery and misery. You are a step away from the sickening words of the enemy whom you used to see as your master. Beyond the ocean is a desert where discoveries of wells and oasis. You are a step away to being with the Lord who saves and redeems.

There in the unknown, He is sure to protect and guide you. If only you’d trust that His goodness is steady and His love is everlasting.

Weigh your options, faint heart.

If He has parted the ocean for you,what do you think is impossible for Him? In His love and great power, He will save you and bring you to your inheritance as He has promised.

Come, take the first step and be doubt-free. Be free.

Posted by:Joan Narciso

Joan is a walking set of ironies, only she rarely walks outside her bedroom/office these days. She gets terrible headaches when she skips coffee in the morning, has no Facebook app on her phone, and does not know how people stand small talk. She has always thought she was set on her dreams but midlife discovered that dreams change and that's okay. But while her dreams evolve, the whys behind don't. Jesus Christ, the Philippines and her family are her life's greatest loves and strength, today and always.

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