Easy Sunday Salad with Macaroni Noodles (No Meat for Vegetarians)

Our Sunday mornings are usually of everyone off to church, with my parents going home a little late in the afternoon. When they do, they come with some of their friends. As we barely gather together for one full meal, it’s usually a waste to make rice and dishes to go with it. So on Sundays, I just prepare quick and easy pasta recipes.

With that, I kind of need a break from adobo pasta, pesto, aglio olio, and spag. To my delight, Yoona of Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast showed yet another simple dish that’s a crossover between pasta and salad. It’s refreshing and I’m happy to have tried it last week.

For brunch, she made Fregola Pasta but I didn’t have time (& the budget) to look for it so I just patterned this Sunday Salad recipe after what Yoona did.

Sunday Salad, serves 6-8


1/2 kilo of your pasta of choice (Fregola is top choice but if you don’t have that, you can substitute with macaroni or fusilli)

Easy Sunday Salad with Macaroni Noodles (No Meat for Vegetarians)


Romaine lettuce or just lettuce
2 Cherry Tomatoes, diced
2 Oranges, diced
1 can of sweet kernel corn
Parmesan cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Note: you can add more greens like basil and oregano



  • Cook noodles in boiling water. Add salt for flavor and vegetable oil so it won’t stick. As this is for salad, I put in a few drops of sesame oil instead so that the noodles smell and taste more flavorful.
  • Shock and wash the noodles in cold water, set aside for a few minutes
  • Dice and slice the fruits — cherry tomatoes, oranges
  • For easy eating, I decided to cut the leaves in 3 portions each
  • Mix them together
  • Add the kernel corn (no need to drain it)
  • Add the hard boiled eggs
  • Mix with your cooked pasta
  • Pour in a generous amount of olive oil and sesame oil
  • Sprinkle with salt (and pepper if you wish) to taste
  • Add Parmesan cheese (or just grated Eden cheese if you ran out of Parmesan), key is to mix welll
  • Serve and enjoy your brunch and snack with some toast and tea ♥

Easy Sunday Salad with Macaroni Noodles (No Meat for Vegetarians)



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