Hyori’s Homestay, aka Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, is about to finish season 2. It’s such a feel good variety show that I’ve grown somewhat attached to Hyori, Sangsoon, their dogs and their part-timers (IU, Yoona, Bogum).

I got teary-eyed when IU had to say goodbye in the last episode of season 1; and as season 2 ends, my wish is for a third season… and an early announcement for guests’ auditions that will be open to international fans. HAHA.

That’s a pretty improbable wish so I’m gonna take it a few steps down. I’ll just make a wish list based on the kitchen tools used by IU, Yoona and the Jeju couple (who are goals themselves in the husband-wife department, by the way). If you must know, I get cooking inspiration from watching shows (see my bibimbap and hotteok blogs). But Hyori’s Homestay got me saving up for a few big items + hunting Daiso/Japan Home Center for the small ones. So far, no luck. Haha. So for now, I will just compile them here.


I never really knew of a multi-purpose blender that helps make the best soups and smoothies until I watched HH. This is my ultimate dream kitchen tool and I’m determined to have this before the year ends. It’s quite costly though. Lazada has it between PHP 5,000 to 10,000 depending on brand and quality.

Square pan for egg rolls

I’ve been wanting to make egg rolls but Daiso and Japan Home Center don’t have the square pan I need for easy rolling. I was able to make a few using a regular round pan but rolling was a real challenge and my shoulders and arms were aching by the time I served the egg rolls.

Waffle iron

I read that Yoona’s waffle iron got sold out on Korean shopping websites after its first appearance on season 2, episode 1. It looked so cool pouring in batter and getting waffles neatly shaped like a pro.

Vegetable Dicer

Maybe Yoona is just really good at cooking, or the her dicer really is one that works. I’ve seen and used a few manual dicers out there and they don’t dice as well as Yoona’s. Even before HH, I’ve been looking for a good dicer but online reviews sway more to the negative ones so I’m putting off buying one for myself.

Kimbap allies: slicer + shaper

Not so good at rolling kimbap tightly? My kindergartner grip gets you! So imagine my delight seeing Yoona easily put rice and spam in a rectangular shaped plastic (?) material and have it firmly shaped in seconds! I mean… I GOTTA HAVE THAT!

Tea set

And of course, the couple’s tea set! They brew their tea leaves… actual tea leaves! How cool is that? And Sangsoon (I forgot from which ep), a tea master in his own right, showed that the first brew should be used to wash the tea cups instead of drinking it right away.

Now here’s a list I didn’t expect to make out of watching Hyori’s. It was expected that I’d want to travel to Jeju Island, to look up the songs that they played and sang together, try making the dishes they prepared for their guests. Apparently, they could have also done real product placements for those kitchen tools and I, along with their thousands of viewers would buy. And for a first, buying something after some kdrama influence would be a delight to my mom. Haha.


4 thoughts on “Hyori’s Kitchen Tools are GOALS!

  1. Okay now, let me add everything to my shop list. 😂😂😂

    Haha I used to have the blender. Nasira na. Haha

    I’ve been eyeing for that square pan for so long. Makagawa lng ng perfectly rolled eggs. Hahahah

    The slicer gave me an idea, I hve the circle one for eggs, but I guess I can use it for hams. :). Oh the shaper!!! The photo gave me an idea. 😁

    I have a rectangular one used as a divider for baking, I’m pretty sure I can use it the same way and make something like those rolls. Love it. 😁😍 excited. Hehe

    Why does her waffle maker give perfect results? Why?!? Haha the texture looks so perfect. Hhaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ate!! Haha! Dyan ba inyo mo nabili yung blender? Pag mas mura, let me know, please? Hehe.

      Baking divider? Hmmm.. makapagtingin nga rin sa mga baking stores dito. ♥

      And IKR?? Ganda ng results ng waffle ni Yoona. I wanna try. Huhu.


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