A virtual bottle for my feels from #PHSManila

Do you have a bottle where I can keep all the feels I had from seeing Park Hyung Sik in real life? Because I really wish I could tangibly store them for a lifetime.

I swear, I never fully understood how people coined the term “feels” until that’s mostly the word I could come up with all throughout Hyungsik’s fan meeting last Saturday.

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @urisapsaree

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @urisapsaree


[Tweet] PHSManila

That tweet was in July. So imagine me when Happee Sy first announced that a PHS fan meet is happening in Manila.

In the middle of a conference, I excused myself and squealed alone in my hotel room while browsing socmed for updates about the fan meet.

K-Drama: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Actual representation of my fangirl heart trying to calm down because of #PHSManila. [Image screencaptured from JTBC Drama’s Strong Woman Do Bong Soon]

See, I have not really fangirled hard over any celebrity I admire. I binge-watch good stories, collect my favorite authors’ novels, but I never got myself hyped to a point that I really really wish to see a celebrity in person until Park Hyung Sik.


Royalty box was supposed to be standing but a few weeks before the event, they announced that seats will be provided. I knew then that my chance to grab a center spot won’t happen as we paid for my ticket close to the deadline. Still, I was glad to be there, hear him sing live, see him up close, and be in a group picture with him. My only regret is that I could not take good quality phone photos from my angle. Haha (IG feed goals sana). But there are lots of good photos to borrow (with proper credits, always) so I just savored the rest of the fan meet.

Few minutes before the event, a similar physique was spotted on stage and the fans squealed and screamed, but me and my seatmate kept saying that he isn’t Hyungsik. Anyway, the guy is pretty cute, too, and I find it cute that in silhouette form, he could pass as a double for Hyungsik. Haha.

A video of him in his dressing room walking to the stage was shown. Judging on the clothes he is wearing, it’s from his fanmeet in Taipei or Bangkok.

Then, in a second, he’s on stage, wearing a very Ahn Min Hyuk pair of white pants, denim jacket and red shirt. He officially opened his fan meeting with Because of You. He sang live, as always. His voice is so good, it sounds as if it’s recorded.

Park Hyung Sik | PHSManila | Photo by @urisapsaree

Props to the Pulp Live Team for choosing the best clips from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The fans went crazy with Do Bong Soon (or to my shipper heart, Park Bo Young) as background to Hyungsik singing the drama’s theme song. I especially love @byeolstar‘s captures.

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @byeolstars

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @byeolstars

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @byeolstars

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @byeolstars

PHSManila | Photo by @byeolstars

Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting / Photo by @byeolstars

A few seconds after the song, he took in the hyper and warm reception we gave him. I think he was touched by the energy of  his Filipino fans.

The program was hosted by Ms. Kring Elenzano. She made the show twice as fun and kept our energy really high. Love na love ko ang pigil pero hindi mapigilan niya rin pagka-fangirl sa kagwapuhan ni Hyungsik.

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik with the host and translator

PHSManila | Park Hyung Sik | Photo by SikFighter

PHSManila | Park Hyung Sik | Photo by SikFighter

After welcoming Hyungsik and the crowd, they sat on the couch for the interview portion. The questions are the same questions from his fan meetings abroad.

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik interview portion | Photos by Gie Allana

Interview portion | Photos by Gie Allana

Still, I like hearing how he is still friends with the same people from childhood. It’s one of the reasons I love PHS. His charm, warm personality is not for show. Non-showbiz and showbiz people alike speak volumes for his affectionate & sincere heart.

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik is such a puppy | Photo by @urisapsaree

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik is such a puppy | Photo by @urisapsaree

A picture of his computer set in his room was shown. It’s cute how he’s proud of himself for being good at computer games. Haha.

After the getting-to-know Hyungsik part, he was introduced to a bit of Filipino culture. They made him wear a blue barong (a Filipino traditional dress for formal events). He really looked good in it. My heart skipped a few beats.

He tried sisig and really liked it. He wished it was accompanied by beer as explained. Haha. But it was fine because he also liked our sago’t gulaman, a sweet and iced beverage with tapioca pearls and jelly cubes. For dessert, he took a spoonful of guyabano, a native fruit. He also liked the sweetness and sourness that when the emcee asked him to try the other fruit, he did not hesitate having half a kamias! The audience was screaming warnings but it was too late. Still, Hyungsik was accommodating enough that he still swallowed that piece of kamias with some help from his glass of sago’t gulaman. If only I could hug him at that moment. HAHA.

PHSManila: Park Hyung SIk tries kamias | Photo by Gie Allana

PHSManila: Park Hyung SIk tries kamias | Photo by Gie Allana

He also played tirador (Filipino version of slingshot). He signed the balls that will be ‘shot’ to the fans. So sweet.

PHSManila | Park Hyung Sik playing slingshot/tirador to send signed balls to fans | Photo by RX 93.1

PHSManila | Park Hyung Sik playing slingshot/tirador to send signed balls to fans | Photo by RX 93.1

Madam Kring also taught him a few Filipino phrases. I bet he rehearsed in advance but huge props to Hyungsik’s Tagalog. He did really well! When I’m really frustrated or stressed about something, I’ll make sure to loop the video below.

The bravest and luckiest fans were called on stage. Three girls got to reenact a scene from Hwarang with him; and another three played Bongsoon to Hyungsik. All six girls did great.

PHSManila: Reenactment Scene with Hyungsik | Photo by @urisapsaree

PHSManila: Reenactment Scene with Hyungsik | Photo by @urisapsaree

Hands up to the third Go Ara (Hwarang) role player. She thought of bringing a costume for Hyungsik and was rewarded a few more seconds closer to Hyungsik by helping him put on the costume. Iba ang guts ni ate!

The third contestant for the SWDBS scene dressed very similarly to Bongsoon’s lavender cardigan. Hyungsik joked and called out, ‘Bongsoon?’ Ahhhh. How are those fans still on their feet after such close encounter with Hyungsikkah? HAHA.

PHSManila: Reenactment Scene with Hyungsik | Photo by Pulp Live World

PHSManila: Reenactment Scene with Hyungsik | Photo by Pulp Live World

After the reenactment scenes, Hyungsik went backstage to change clothes. While we wait, a video from his Hawaii Harper Bazaar shoot was shown.

To open the second half of the program, he sang Two People. I was a bit teary-eyed because I got to hear him sing live the same song he sang for the SongSong wedding. I think, I get a bit emotional whenever I’m reminded that Hyungsik is now in such a good place (UAA) and he is taken cared of by the same people who love Hyekyo and Ahin.

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik sings Two People | Photo by Pulp Live World

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik sings Two People | Photo by Pulp Live World

After the song, he answered handpicked questions from the fans.

  • He would want to go back to the Philippines to try surfing and other watersports. If only we could all join him when he does, right? Kidding.
  • He sang (acapella) a portion of Park Hyoshin’s Good Person. It’s a song that he loves when he is going through tough times.
  • His most challenging role so far is playing a hidden king in the KBS Drama, Hwarang. All his roles were a challenge but he picked this one because it is based on real-life events.
  • I love that when asked what he’d be right now if he’s not an actor, he said that he really loves what he does, (and would not have it any other way). I’m in love with people who love their craft so much they could not think of doing anything else. Okay, to be clear, I’m just in love with Hyungsik in this case. Hahaha. (Forgive me, Boyoungiee, I love you, too.)
  • Best question of the night is: “if Hyungsik were to live the life of one of his characters for a lifetime, who would he choose?” Of course, he chose Ahn Min Hyuk from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! Puppy couple shippers went crazy. Haha.

After the fan questions, he played a pillow fight game with another six lucky girls. The names were drawn by Hyungsik himself who said that if it were up to him, he’d pick more than six. Anyway, I immediately recognized the game from too many Running Man and 2D1N episodes. Hehe. Gosh, I’m so into the Hallyu wave and I’m glad.

PHSManila: Pillow Fight Game with Park Hyung Sik | Photo by Pulp Live World

He read a letter to the fans, and even without the translator, his voice was too sweet for me already. He promised to return (YAY!). I think a lot of us were emotional because we saw how happy he is during the entire program. We’ve made him happy, too and that’s what we want to give him–a memorable fan meeting in Manila.

PHSManila: Park Hyung's Sik's message to fans | Photo by Pulp Live World

PHSManila: Park Hyung’s Sik’s message to fans | Photo by Pulp Live World

Kudos to the groups who prepared videos for Hyungsik. They gathered fan messages, and Puppy Couple Avengers even got him an Iron Man cake for his upcoming birthday. He was so touched, I saw him wiping a few tears while his back was turned on us.

Two fans who were celebrating their own birthdays last Saturday got the chance to hug him for five seconds long (!!!); and one got a selca with him. Hyungsik was so touched that they chose to see him instead of celebrating their birthdays elsewhere.

He closed the program with ‘I’ll Be Here‘ from Hwarang’s soundtrack. Again, his voice is incredible! The theater fell silent and his voice resonated more deeply.

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik sings I'll Be Here | Photo by Pulp Live World

PHSManila: Park Hyung Sik sings I’ll Be Here | Photo by Pulp Live World

Then the hi-touch! Unlike most celebrities who only offer hi-touch to VIPs, Hyungsik did it for every. single. one. who attended his fan meeting. He did this for all his fanmeetings in SoKor and other Asian countries, too. Kia Theater seats 2, 500 people. The organizer, Pulp Live, also sold standing tickets on the last few days before the event. So imagine, he had to high-five 3, 000 or more people? Sigh. But all throughout, he was smiling, laughing when fans get too excited. In a cute, cute voice, he thanks the fans for seeing him.

When it was my turn, I managed to show him a finger heart, say ‘saranghae’, and he responded with ‘saranghae, thank you.’ I am thankful there is a table separating him from us or else I might have really hugged him. Haha. I don’t know how I managed to walk back to my seat.  Because I still have to wait for the group photo op, I had more time to stare at his pretty face. I swear, Hyungsik is like a doll. A very handsome doll.

Ask any of my friends and you’d know I’m not the type to gush over a handsome guy. I mean, I don’t usually pay attention to strangers’ faces. When I watch movies, I somehow acknowledge that the actor is handsome only when someone points it out. But Park Hyung Sik is different. And maybe that’s why I know and can say that he truly is my one and only bias. Haha.

During the hi-touch, I have also observed that there were fanboys. Perhaps they accompanied their girlfriends? There were also a couple of families, including dads who happily gave Hyungsik a high-five after their wives and teenagers. So cute!

I also got the chance to observe how the UAA Team (including Chang Ellen Park) takes care of their baby Hyungsik. And I was teary-eyed again. I mean, he used to be managed poorly by his former agency. Sigh. I really wanted to take a picture with Ms. Ellen Park since I love her even when it’s just Hyekyo under her wing some 10 years ago. But no Pulp staff could answer if it’s okay so I just let it be.

And finally, we lined up for the photo opportunity. I was not expecting much since it’s 15 people per group. But! Guys! I got to sit very close to PARK HYUNG SIK!!! Can you hear me screaming internally? I got a bit of skinship with his knee. OMG! (or more accurately, OMO! OMO! OMO!) We had a brief eye contact as he said thanks and goodbye to us after our slot. I told him, ‘fighting!’ which is a Korean way of cheering someone. He must be really tired that night but he was also so so happy to be with the fans.

(As of this writing though, Pulp Live World has yet to upload the photos; maybe because they are on holiday in Manila right now. Just be warned that I am sure to change my year-long DP on my socmed channels once it’s out. Haha!)

From all the high of the fan meeting, we still had to go home. I tagged along my newfound friends for a very late dinner (around 11pm). Looking back, it was funny how we’d spazz one moment and sigh and be quiet after. We were floating that night. It was too surreal for me.

Now that I’ve seen my bias in real life, I’m pretty sure it would be even harder for me to stop being a fangirl. But who am I kidding? I’m not even thinking of stopping anyway. I think I found this long lost side of myself and I intend on keeping her for long.

♥ Note: All photos aren’t mine. Please see watermarks for credits. Shoutout and huge thanks to the fans and media who took really good photos of uri Hyungsikkie. ♥

> EDIT as of December 1

Finally, after three weeks, Pulp Live World uploaded the photos… It’s not what most, if not all, the royalty tier fangirls were expecting but we cannot do much about it. See @urisapsaree’s thread to know how I feel about the photos.

It’s a downer that this one bit that’s supposed to complete our fangirl experience has disappointed us. But as the twitter thread says, let’s not let Pulp Live’s shortcoming ruin the good vibes Hyungsik gives us. I mean, how difficult can it be to provide HD copies, right? Oh well. Sigh.


As for me, let me float in my cloud nine brought by a few seconds of no space between my shoulder and Hyungsik’s knee. HAHAHA.

PHS Manila

Sorry, Boyoungie. I had to sit that close to Hyungsik’s knee or this other super excited (but rather inconsiderate fangirl) would have blocked me out. ^_^

See some of my chingguskilig tweets for more feels.