Sunset Sessions: Tarlac City

November 14, 2017
5:30 PM
Tarlac City

Philippine Sunsets | Tarlac City | Taken by Joan Narciso for

Most often, the sky playfully combines contrasting hues just before or after a heavy downpour. It’s as if God’s hands use the clouds’ water to adjust the colors of the sky. Of course, the sun cooperates, shining against the dark clouds.

And the clouds. Yes, the clouds do their share, too. I imagine them willfully being extra fluffy on one end, a little crumpled on another, the darker ones gently drifting away from the setting sun.

We all have crumpled clouds. We all have moments, even days of darkness. We all have heavy clouds threatening to rain down on our hearts. But we also have the sun, ever present, ever shining even when we can’t see it.

Some days can get really exhausting, but we are given moments to pause, breathe, pray, and see the bigger picture of a life in the hands of the Master Artist.