She, Describing Her | A mini series by Joan Narciso

Looking back, she almost fell for him because he was the one who reminded her that she is more than her wide collection of songs, sunset obsessions, and five feet six inches of flaws that stretch for two decades and repeatedly resurrected in billions of cells.

He made her feel that she is an iceberg immersed in an ocean of grace, and no ship could ever see her wholeness unless it sinks to the ocean floor as well.

Looking back, she only almost fell for him because he was a ship set to sail on other lands, refusing to sink in the ocean of grace she was in. She could not love and be loved with only glimpses of her beheld. She, as iceberg cold as she is, must be seen. She, despite being iceberg cold, is fine with or without him as long as she is immersed in the Ocean of Grace.

[She, Describing Her / 07132017]

Writer’s note: I am on an offline writing exercise where I ‘force’ myself to write my thoughts without editing. Sometimes, I write more than a thousand words, but most days, I get stuck at a hundred or less. Sometimes, I really like what I write, but most days, I don’t. Haha. Still, I promised to publish a few here on my blog. So here’s one that I consider should be a part of my She, Describing Her series.

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