People who collect sunrise and sunset photos are my kind of people. A self-confessed president of my made-up Look Up Club, I have a strong fascination for the sun rising and setting. But who has time to always catch the sunrise when you go to sleep really late, right? Thankfully, the sun, while energetic in the morning, tends to be more poetic when saying goodbye.

I remember a quote that struck me early on as a teenager, “Sunset is the sun screaming and crying beautifully while dying.” I’ve googled who said it but could no longer trace the quote’s origin. To this day though, I can still unearth a deeper meaning to that quote whenever I pause to behold a sunset.

When people ask me why I love sunsets so much, I open my mouth to enumerate reasons but find myself speechless as to why people even have to ask.

I hail from the Philippines,ย  a group of seven thousand ++ islands–a natural backdrop for the sun playing colors with the sky on different times of day. I know of many foreigners who compliment our beaches and people, but the best compliments I’ve heard are always about the Philippines’ breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.

In this part of the world, we have seen some of the best and worst of humanity, of a nation. And we’ve battled them all. We have remain steadfast in faith. We endure. How can we not, when God paints our skies beautifully every single day.

I say then that sunsets are one of the visible reasons why Filipinos can still rise up despite our struggles. In our hardest days, we go to bed with a memory of the sun saying goodbye in the loveliest ways as if asking us to hold on to a promise that God will bless us another day. The sun will rise again.

Now, if you are my kind of people and you have a gallery full of your original sunset photos taken across our #PrettyPilipinas, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila has something for you!

Abot-Tanaw-Tracing Local Horizons-MET Museum of Manila

Head on over to their Facebook Page, hit like, and PM them your best sunset photos. Make sure to include your full name and the location where you took the shot (remember, it has to be your original).

Alternatively, you can also follow their Instagram account, and tag them on your next InstaSunset photo. Don’t forget to caption it with your full name & the location of the sunset photo. Tag @MetMuseumManila and #PHSunsetAtTheMET.

The winner will receive a MET Art Pass and a special MET Merchandise. Discounted museum passes will also be given to 20 participants on a weekly basis until June 23. Selected entries will be featured in the MET White Cube Gallery, too. So what are you waiting for? Get those captivating sunsets shared!


13 thoughts

  1. We too are passionate about sunrises and sunsets. In fact, we feel that sun chasing is in our DNA. We never seem to tire of watching the sun emerging or waning away and can get up at 3 in the morning and travel a long distance to catch the beauty of a sunrise.

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  2. What a lovely contest! I would just love to peruse all the entries. I have never yet traveled to the Philippines but I am sure you would have great sunsets among all the islands there. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to visit and take a few shots of my own.

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  3. I just love a good sunset. I have way too many pictures of sunsets. Hopefully, one will be good enough to win the competition.


  4. I agree, the Philippines has amazing sunsets. Between sunset and sunrise though, I am more fascinated with the latter, because of two things: sunrise is harder for me to catch because I am a night person, and second, sunrise symbolizes renewed hope.

    You have a beautiful way of perceiving a sunset I must say.

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  5. Beautiful thoughts. Even I love sunset and sunrise pictures. But somehow, sunsets make me feel sad while sunrise fills me with new energy and I feel like taking on the whole world


  6. The people really ask you why you love sunsets?! I can see every day a sunset and sunrise that I will not get bored, I live near the beach and all the time I have free I go there to see the sun saying hello to the moonโ€ฆ also at morning, even the sunrise is in the opposite side i go there to see the colors in the sky, for me they are the best moments of the day, it gives me so good energy ๐Ÿ™‚ i understand you ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. I have heard it from so many people! and now I finally believe that Philippines sunsets are the best in the world!


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