Hungry Yard | Tarlac City's First Food Park

If I have not mentioned, my work is based in Tarlac City. It is where the advocacy of our organization was born and raised. When I joined our organization in 2014, Tarlac City became my home on weekdays and some weekends.

Friends from Metro Manila and Cavite would always ask me what’s in Tarlac. I’d chuckle while saying there’s not much. Of course, if you’re into climbing mountains and trekking hidden waterfalls, there is a whole lot of Tarlac to discover. But to most travelers, Tarlac City is known to be the “Stopover Capital of the North.” It is conveniently 3 hours away from Metro Manila so people heading up North (Baguio, Vigan, Pangasinan, La Union) would usually grab quick bites and restroom breaks in Tarlac.

Lately though, the city is crafting her way toward a new identity. Restaurants have been sprouting here and there, and the game does not stop at good food. Ambience is also a game changer. I’ve been to quite a few coffee shops and grill joints, and I’d personally say the owners aim to attract as many friendly groups as possible. I am glad to witness this kind of development and I am more than happy to share this, especially to those who travel for food.

It seems that Tarlac City has found its niche and taking it up seriously, its first food park opened a few weeks ago. Right in the city center, just a block behind SM City and two major bus terminals, is the Hungry Yard.

I tried it with friends last night, and my color-hunter self quietly screamed in delight.

Hungry Yard | Tarlac City's First Food Park

Hungry Yard | Tarlac City's First Food Park

The Hungry Yard offers burgers, nachos, pizza, steak, chicken wings, sisig (Central Luzon’s best pork/chicken recipe), and a whole of Chinese, Korean, Japanese cuisine. It also offers desserts, smoothies, and colorful juices and lemonade.

So to those heading up north, or going south, make sure to allot a day in Tarlac City. Don’t just quickly stop by. Instead, see the Monasterio de Tarlac, relive the death march in Capas National Shrine, and satisfy your foodstagram cravings at the Hungry Yard.

Hungry Yard-Tarlac City-Food Park
Yay or Nay? YAY!!
Hungry Yard-Tarlac City-Food Park
Colorful nachos for PHP 160, good for 5 or more people ๐Ÿ™‚
Hungry Yard | Tarlac's First Food Park
Go Korean with this spicy fish and rice cakes at PHP 99. Since itโ€™s spicy, sharing wonโ€™t be a problem for a group of 5 or more.
Hungry Yard | Tarlac's First Food Park
My friends ordered this at PHP 400, good for 3pax. Although the mix was too sweet for my salt-trained tastebuds, the meat was so tender, that I still enjoyed my share.
Hungry Yard | Tarlac's First Food Park
Bucket of seafood for about PHP 200 to PHP 300. What could go wrong, right?? ๐Ÿ™‚
Caramel Frappe | Tazza | Hungry Yard Tarlac's First Food Park
Caramel Frappe for PHP 150. I liked this because itโ€™s not too sweet, and itโ€™s perfect after munching my share from our table.

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