From Nothing | Sometimes, getting close to nature's wonders sets our perspectives straight

Sometimes, it takes the vastness of nature to humble us before God, the One who created everything, we know and do not know, from nothing. By His word, the heavens and the earth were given form and color and purpose. By His word, light came rushing over darkness. By His word, a big enough space between the skies and oceans existed; and the birds have the skies, while the fish have the ocean deep. By His word, every living thing except for man were born into being, lovingly prepared to welcome God’s chosen caretaker of the blue planet. And while the human race has made and invented a lot of wonderful things to add to this earth, we have yet to create from nothing. Let that humble the proud heart.

Sometimes, it takes the vastness of nature to strengthen the broken ones. Because dear, God, whose word is enough to create the universe, lovingly created man by His hands, with His breath. It was not enough for Him to speak us into being. He just had to design every cell patterned after His own image. Let that truth embrace the lost and lonely.

Sometimes, it takes a huge blue sky, deep sea, and tall mountains to remind us that we are small and yet loved and entrusted a world to nurture. Let that align how you live with a life that brings honor and praise to the One who transforms dark spaces into glorious beginnings. Let that anchor your soul deep enough to never again wander outside of His good, pleasing and perfect will. Let that compel you to pursue what He has created you to chase and catch in this lifetime, and throughout eternity.



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