Dear Self, you are a writer. Write.

You are a writer. Write.

You may have learned how to take better photos but yours is a mind unrest when you settle in filling a photo space online, or elsewhere.

Yours is a mind upon which poetry and prose flow just by

  • gazing at a clear blue sky,
  • the sun retreating to give way to the moon rising,
  • staring at your room’s white ceiling,
  • getting inspiration from the ever timely and timeless Word,
  • reading both good and bad news from this generation’s version of the world wide web,
  • getting lost in a good song
  • and a whole lot else, but mostly, just by dreaming.

So quit the lazy habit of merely dumping photos on Instagram. Write. Share. Begin again. Let free those words swimming in your head after

  • a day’s work,
  • a memorable trip,
  • a really good movie,
  • a ‘Eureka!’ moment,
  • and whatever that keeps you real and in touch with the creative expression you are designed to live.

You said so, yourself. Others were born so in tuned with music and lyrics. Others, with eyes and hands for scenery. But you, you were born with words bridging your heart and mind, connecting your body, soul and spirit.

Please try again. Write.

Love, Me 🙂




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