On Bad Days


On Bad Days | A writer's encouragement on what to write during bad days

On bad days,
Write on your prayer journal, not on your blog’s dash.

Some days, disappointments and frustrations can run you over, making a well of words springing fast and hard.

On those days, get away from your blog’s dash. Instead, pray. Why do humans only talk to God as last resort when He’s really just waiting to hear from us… so He can shower us with strength and wisdom?

On bad days,
Write emails, not blog entries.

Writers, often, are people who will go nuts if what’s inside is not expressed eloquently. Take time to process what you feel and what happened. Take time to stare at personal biases and universal truths. Take time.

Then, write what you wish you could tell that person, or the world. And send it privately. Kudos if you can do it in person, but then this is for the writers who are better with pens, papers, and keyboard clicks.

On bad days,
Write the darkest thoughts you have only to destroy them.
You’ll find it magical, even powerful a symbolic act of freeing your thoughts and destroying them instead of letting them overpower you.

On bad days,
Write to remember the good days. Write to remember the beautiful, the pure, the Truth, and the hope that fills your heart.